Mini-Nuke Spear for Wasteland Weekend (The Spear Of Mars)

For those who don’t know, Wasteland Weekend is a basically a Mad Max version of the Ren Fair that you camp at, and it’s one of my favorite events of the year. I am a member of the Legio I tribe, who are a group of post apocalyptic Romans. What really excites me about this event is that I get to create my own costume. Don’t get me wrong, I love making things based off comics, movies, games, etc. but it’s nice to come up with your own designs now and then.

I’ve already finished my modular armor, and I needed a weapon besides my dagger. I wanted something awesome looking, but not actually dangerous. That’s when I noticed a lamp shaft  and a 3d printed mini nuke & grenade from another project.

It’s a ridiculous design, which is what I love about it! After the mock up I got to hardening the 3d prints with XTC-3D epoxy coating, mixed with aluminum powder. One they were coated and sanded I began assembling and painting.

The aluminum in the epoxy let me buff the exposed areas instead of having to faux the metal finish. I just super glued in the metal screws.

I felt like it needed something more, so i added LEDs and a “blast shield” to the top.

In order to turn the lights on and off I used a PVC conduit panel. And since the base is a lamp shaft it was easy to run the wires down the center.

In a stroke of luck, I found a vintage radioactive panel light at a local electronic salvage. I used the side tube to mount a toggle switch, and the Mini-Nuke Spear was finished! In keeping with the Roman theme, I named it the Spear of Mars. Mars (the Roman god of war) is often depicted wielding a spear and  a nuke has nearly mythological levels of destructive capability. Plus who doesn’t love a grandiose name?!

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