These are some frequent questions that we get and hopefully some helpful answers:

Q: Wow that (insert thing we have made) is super neat! Can I buy it?
A: Yes and no. Anything that we have for direct sale will be on my Etsy store. Most anything else can be done by commission.
The turnaround time will depend on the specific item or items that you want. Our commission space is limited, so we are not always available.
Q: I’m making a student film about zombie giraffes fighting space marines on the moon of Titan, can you make props for me?
A: For large projects please contact me at KnowOnesDesigns@gmail.com . It all depends on time and budget.
Q: Can you teach me how to make ______?
A: If you send me specific questions I will do my best to help you, but no promises. We do have tutorials, product reviews & build logs on our YouTube channel, so make sure to check those out and subscribe!