Hello! We are currently revamping our store. If you are looking for any of our kits or finished pieces please email us at until we get our new shop up and running. If you are looking for Proton Pack kits or a complete one here are the prices:

Vac formed shell kit is $99
Complete resin pack part kit is $99
Complete resin wand kit is $99
Waterjet cut aluminum motherboard is $35
Everything in one package is $299
Plus shipping
 Complete Pack w/ Lights & Sound is $1399 with free shipping in the USA

Thank you for your patience!

il_570xn-728873080_mxx2 Hiccup Helmet from HTTYD2

il_570xn-645874176_47kj Loki Crown

il_570xn-1055441712_ttkg Vaccuformed Ghostbusters Proton pack shells

il_570xn-854102468_hjjb Cobra Commander Cowl

il_570xn-667053217_jt2qDr Mrs The Monarch Crowns

il_570xn-803001349_ffzlAvengers Wasp armor