Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir tutorial


This is the first in my new resolution to post write ups of the costumes we make. They will include fabric info (and where to get it) short tutorials, and tips and tricks. If you have more questions ask away!

I love these nerds so much more than I ever expected to.


Ladybug Tutorial

As her name is the show, she’ll go first. This is such a seemingly simple costume that I wanted to spend time on making sure I got the perfect fabric and executed every detail as perfect as possible. I searched EVERYWHERE for this dang spot fabric. I was even considering cutting stretch iron on vinyl in matte clear in a hex pattern on my silhouette to lay on top of red material (weeding that would have been a nightmare. I ended up searching Spandex World just by the color red and found this wonderful material. It’s just the right amount of shiny contrasted with matte. And the dots are small, just like hers. Not a true hex pattern but close enough for me. It’s Clear dot red # 10075 and the black is clear dot #2716



I had noticed that in the show her spots were different sizes depending on the part of her body they were on. Lots of paused screen shots and counting later I had my spot numbers. After I was done with the bodysuit completely, I found this wonderful tumblr post that did all of that for me. They have a bunch of high res photos of her and Chat too. You’re welcome.


I wanted the dots to be perfectly circular and if I cut them out by hand I didn’t have faith that they would be. I also wanted to be able to adhere them to the suit so I ironed on some fabric adhesive to the back first. I then made some circle patterns in my trusty silhouette cutter, put the fabric blade in, and let it go to town.


Once I had my circles I made a pattern based on one of my other bodysuits that fit like a glove, added gloves and “boot covers” all to attach to the actual suit. I ended up making the feet out of some low wedges I found. I tend to walk like an ogre and when I wear shoes with a little lift, I have better posture and walk more gracefully. Ladybug has a lot of grace and balance, all things I don’t, so fake it till you make it! I also put an invisible zipper in the wrist on the right hand so  could use my bare hand if needed and put a tiny pocket in there to hold a card or two and some money. LB is an actual magic girl, who knows where she keeps stuff. Jackie only wished she was a magical girl, so I have to make my magic pockets.


Mask was next, I made the base out of some Terraflex I had lying around and covered ith with the same material I used for the suit. Matchy. Matchy.

The wig was last. I bought an Arda Inigo in Dark Blue as the base. In hind sight i would have bought a few clip in extensions to add, but I had some from another project so yay to past Jackie for that. I had seen a tutorial online where another girl used cardboard easter eggs for her pig tails. It wasn’t Easter when I used this so I used Styrofoam eggs. Learn from my mistakes! Always paint your wig shapes the same color! You will use less fibers! I put a thin layer of fabric glue on each painted egg and laid some fibers down carefully and slowly. I then used a crap ton of Got2Be hair spray to keep that crap in place. I then used the Got2Be gel to keep the tips pointed and continued to spray the pig tails with more hair spray. That stuff is basically glue and it does make the wig fibers a bit darker but in this case it works. I didn’t want a single hair out of place. For the little ahoges I doused extra fibers in Got2Be, let them dry and glued them to the base of the pig tail. I covered where the pig tail was tied with red ribbon and then glued two pieces of red ribbon together with a piece of very thin floral wire in between to get it to stick up like her ribbons. I styled and trimmed the bangs and LB’s hair was action ready!

The Yoyo was 3D printed from a wonderful person that modeled the yoyo and uploaded the file free here. I then did some finishing work on it, painted it a custom color and done! Oh I had earrings too, I made them match the yoyo, they were half round plastic dodadds painted and glued to earring backs. I was ready to be Ladybug!



Chat Noir

This is how these costumes all began. I watched an episode of Miraculous Ladybug, saw/heard the pun loving, sarcastic, sometime exhausting, trusting, and love struck Chat Noir and knew that character was made for Garrick. Their relationship reflects our own I could write a whole other blog post about the parallels and how much this means to me to have an example of this type of relationship. For another time, let’s get back to costumes.

I also accidentally bought 4 extra yards of the carbon fiber spandex when we were making Pacific Rim, so that helped too.

Before we start, also check out this post about all of the hi-def images of Chat’s costume

I wanted the suit to have the pattern that his does in the show. I couldn’t find a hex fabric that had enough stretch and couldn’t find a dye-subbed one that had the shine I was wanting, the 4way carbon fiber was perfect compromise for me. It’s from Spandex World and is number #



I patterned his suit off of a mannequin we have that is apx the same size as G. I wrapped masking tape around the torso, drew the pattern I wanted, and cut it all out.

I wanted the suit to not look as thin as spandex tends to so I doubled up on fabric. Under the carbon fiber is the jumbo spandex from Yaya Han’s fabric line at Joanns (wait for a 60% coupon for that one, it is NOT cheap!). This also came in handy for later when I realized I needed pockets for the fosshape to go into.

I wanted to create a more heroic silhouette for him, the broader shoulders and keep all the line details on the suit crisp. I made a pattern for some fosshape inserts to go into the shoulders and fit into that half egg part. This is a subtle difference but combined with the pads we put in his chest too, it makes enough of a difference all together that I am ok with how many times I had to re-make the pattern to fit perfectly. I also needed the fosshape for all of his gravity defying gauntlets and ankle things so why not go the extra mile?

Once I was satisfied with the suit, I moved on to the accessories. I used a neck corset pattern that you can get here from Evil Ted to use as a base for the gauntlets. I tried just forming that shape with the fosshape but it needed seams, I couldn’t get the depth or angles without it. I only used the front part of the patterns since it was for a wrist and not a neck. I cut it to the shape I needed and then cut those pieces out of fosshape, sewed them together, and then steamed them over the neck of Styrofoam wig head to get the shape right.


I then spray adhesived the carbon fiber material to the fosshape and sewed that on there, top and bottom, using the same part of the neck corset pattern as I did the fosshape. I then made my own bias tape for the edges (Thank you Luluko for helping me with that!) and finished the edges with it.  The cuffs stay on with magnets on the underside of his wrist so they look like they’re floating like in the show.

I did the same thing for the ankle pieces, but I used half of an easter egg that we had as a base to form the fosshape over. Spray adhesive the material, sew, then finish with bias tape! These are attached with velcro since they don’t defy physics.

His gloves were basically this tutorial. Thank you to other people who solve these problems first! I wanted claws but I wanted them built into the gloves and to be seamless. This is all of those things.

His tail was another area I wanted to take some time with. It’s a belt, but it moves like a real tail…? Whatever, I wanted it to be pose-able for photos. I sewed it out of a matte black material to have it stand out in sea of carbon fiber, I sewed two channels down the sides so I could put armature wire in it to have it stand on it’s own and be posed. I also cut some styrene to look like the end of a belt (I may go back and re-do this out of teraflex, but hey this is done) I put some grommets in it and a magnet clasp right above the butt were the tail meets to belt to keep it in place and for stability.

I used that same matte black material for his boots. In the reference photos, his boots are a different black than his suit. I had an old pair of high top chucks with a black soles so I used those as a base. I sewed boots covers out of the matte black and added some carbon fiber on the heal that I sewed on top of some thin foam to make it more sturdy and flat. I had initially done the toes out of foam but I redid them after the first time he wore them. I used the foam as a base to mold teraflex over it. Once I had the shape I wanted, I sanded, primed, and covered it in XTC to get rid of the teraflex texture. I wanted those tips to shine! Once I was satisfied with the sanding on it, I primed them gloss black and painted them with my new favorite paint, Alclad Airframe Aluminum. It’s that gunmetal shine I was looking for but couldn’t achieve the first time I made these.


He does have little toe beans on the bottom of his shoes but I can’t find a glue that will keep them on, so for now I just glue them back on each time.

All of the little metal bits all over his costume (they look like some type of grommet) are all different sizes of googley eyes painted silver and glued on!

Ears were made out of fosshape with a pattern I made to fit the size I wanted. I sewed the matte black material on top of those and they were sewn into the wig once it was styled. I used an Arda wig and Malinda chan’s spiking tutorial.








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  1. This tutorial has been helping me out sooooooo much. It did take some extra analyzing of the belt to try and figure out how to get it juuuuuuuuuust right but thank you for documenting all this.

  2. Thank you so much for your excellent tutorial. You did such an amazing job on these costumes! Did you use a pattern to sew the gloves and boot covers? My experience is that boot covers (in sewing patterns) are often made from felt and are kind of loose. (at least looser than Ladybug’s appear to be) Can you suggest/advise a sewer about gloves/boot covers who wants to do it right? Thanks!!

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