Mini-Nuke Spear for Wasteland Weekend (The Spear Of Mars)

For those who don't know, Wasteland Weekend is a basically a Mad Max version of the Ren Fair that you camp at, and it's one of my favorite events of the year. I am a member of the Legio I tribe, who are a group of post apocalyptic Romans. What really excites me about this … Continue reading Mini-Nuke Spear for Wasteland Weekend (The Spear Of Mars)

Phoenix Comic Con 2015

We got some pictures back! We'll do a proper post on Gordon Freeman and Bayo soon, but for now, preeetty pictures.... We had a GREAT time! thank you everyone who attended our panels, stopped by to say hi, purchased something at our booth, took pictures of/with us, and generally just for being awesome! We are … Continue reading Phoenix Comic Con 2015

How To: Solder a Better EL Connection

I have been doing EL wire and tape work for a couple of years now, including working with the Daft Punk cover group One More Time on their Alive tour jackets and their Tron promo jackets. In that time I've learned a thing or two about EL, and this video shows the best way I … Continue reading How To: Solder a Better EL Connection

Crick (Raksa) figure from Hinges

We love Meredith McClaren! Not only is she a great friend, but also an amazing artist and wonderful PhxCC booth buddy(AA28 for 2013). Last year we asked Meredith do a Wasp design that would be the base for Jackies costume. This year we wanted to do something more focused on Meredith's work, so we decided on making a figure from her comic … Continue reading Crick (Raksa) figure from Hinges

Henchmen Mask Kit

This is a quick tutorial on how to assemble our Venture Brothers Henchmen mask kit, which you can buy here( if it's in stock). This is what you will get in the mail, but depending on what my plastic supplier has available it may be white(or the angry eye version, the build method is the same):Now we can start by assembling our … Continue reading Henchmen Mask Kit