Quorra v.20

Before you say anything yes I’m still working on it. Life has gotten in the way and I WILL have this done for PHXCC this year, no exceptions! Garrick is helping me with the helmet (by helping I mean doing all of the parts I don’t like, i.e. sanding, sanding, and more sanding) and is going to try to cast it before we work on the final version for me.

What makes this version different is the fact that I actually had a dress from to work with that my wonderful friend Shannon let me borrow.You may be thinking,  “Gee Jackie, don’t most seamstresses NEED a dressform?” Yes. I just like doing things the hard way… I also got a bigger sewing desk so my back doesn’t feel like it’s 80 yrs old when I’m done hunching on the floor for hours. We are in the market for a male and female dress form now, yay!!
Garrick also updated the costume by vac-u-forming the disc hub, now we have additional storage for batteries and it doesn’t look like it was cobbled together from QT cups….which it was. We also decided to bite the bullet and just use EL tape. It looks soooo much better! I also made a new shirt that is a better “black” it has a better feel and texture to it.

So here is my progress thus far. We have to do the sleeves, the helmet, and I’m going to get a new light disk that’s white instead of blue. I’m using my same boots because they’re awesome but I did get a new wig that I cut myself and am pretty damn proud of! Garrick is going to make a “program” costume for himself, he just hasn’t decided on the final designs.


(Yes I know it’s a Rinzler disk, It was the closest one to me and I was too excited to find the Quorra one)



Both of these have the lights on them now, they’re just in boxes and I don’t have the dress form to display them on. Once I finish the sleeves I’ll take some completed pictures.

New wig!!


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