Birthdays, Daft Punk, TRON, and Paintball

This week’s post is a little different than my normal posts because it’s about my mad cake decorating skillz!!
Let’s be real, that statement is a joke. I tried! I thought I would show that I do things other than make costumes in my free time. I guess I didn’t preface this with “other things I do well”, it’s;postID=6775976128030834499just “other things” for now. Since most of my time goes to that nerdy hobby, my other hobbies/activities suffer…(MGS4 I will finish you this year…) Now onto my first adventures with fondant and making light discs out of it.

It was Garrick’s Birthday last week! Happy Birthday Monster!<3


We had a party and there was cake….and beer…and unexpectedly porn….thanks to our friends’ awesome present of Pintsize and Winslow from QC with Pintsize holding a batman porn, because Pintsize always has porn…

I thought I would redeem myself and try to re-make the cake I made Garrick last year. Every year I make Garrick a themed cake usually of whatever he’s obsessed with at the moment made with his super-secret-birthday-cake recipe  Most come out pretty awesome (companion cube, ghostbuster symbol, light disk part 2) some don’t (dark tower and light disk part 1).
Last year I thought “how cool would it be to make a light disc into a cake?!” Since we were using so much EL I thought it would be even better to make it light up. Well I was wrong. It was a sticky glowing mess. I should have used fondant but I thought “no icing will keep the EL in place better, I can even use that blue gel icing to make it look like it’s in the cake!” I was very wrong, again. It was awful. I was embarrassed for Garrick.

This year was a little better….


At least you can tell what it is. I wanted to put EL on it but we ran out of time and I figured I shouldn’t tempt fate twice. I even drew the lines on it with edible silver dust!!Look how fancy-pantsy I am.
**note If you are actually going to try to make your own fondant, go on the stiffer side and add more powdered sugar. I think I could have gotten straighter lines if I had added a little more. Especially if you are dying it a dark color like I did. You will have to add extra. My mixer was protesting and heating up since I had to make two batches. so i backed off since I didn’t want to kill it.**

I had some left over fondant and decided to make two special cupcakes for our friend Ron who’s birthday was a week or so before.


Should have taken pictures of them before everyone started drinking….oh well!
(Don’t hate on my MS Paint skills all you tech-savvy photoshop users…I’m keeping technology old school.)

Oh and we went paint balling with Deb and Paul (yay!!)
And I got one of these…


in my armpit…

Btw, I’m thinking of doing a new theme for my paintball gear, MGS foxhound inspired…let me know if you have other awesome ideas!!

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