Chaser John Doe: Yumekui Merry

Cats. Demons. Glorious red cloaks.You must be thinking, “This must be something out of Jackie’s crazy dreams.” Nope. Just another crazy anime series. Crazy good! I finally got to make an anime costume. I am beyond excited!Our friend Alex has been wanting a Chaser John Doe (Yumekui Merry) costume to wear to Anime Expo now … Continue reading Chaser John Doe: Yumekui Merry

Rise of Cobra: Baroness and Cobra Commander

Long time no see!I'm back.After much holiday fun time, getting the flu, and devoting my life truly and completely to everything Deadpool I have returned with a new black catsuit costume!Surprised I haven't run out of new ones?Are you kidding?Seriously, I don't think in two life times I could even attempt to make every comic … Continue reading Rise of Cobra: Baroness and Cobra Commander

One Red Deadpool

Let's sum up what's happened since my last post....I broke myself on a trampoline, twice. I spent two weekends laying on the couch in a percoset daze since the second time was my neck taking it's Revengeance on me for bouncing and bending my back the wrong direction the week prior. (Yes I sound old...I'm not. My … Continue reading One Red Deadpool

Re-do’s, repairs, and redpool

Re-Do's Back to work!I have a few things I need to repair and re-do and a few things to start. Wasp and Greypool are my main concerns but spandex world is out of the fabric I need for Greypool's shoulders. I have another project I am REALLY excited about but I'm not going to say anything … Continue reading Re-do’s, repairs, and redpool

ACE Comic Expo 2012

Just when we thought we could recover from Phoenix Con we remembered we said we would go to Albuquerque for ACE Comic Expo 2 weeks later. I know what some of you are thinking...suck it up! I go to :insert number: cons a year! We just had a table for the first time... we have … Continue reading ACE Comic Expo 2012

Finished Domino X-Force

That presser foot is amazing!! If you haven't been reading my rambles (that's silly of course you are....) I just bought a Teflon presser foot to finish Domino up before and Avengers vs X-Men party at Samurai Comics.  I got everything done but the elbow and knee pads (even the "tactical" parts, those were made … Continue reading Finished Domino X-Force

Year of the Catsuit

You may be wondering why I titled this post as such. Well I have just discovered that the wonderful world of sewing is a lot bigger and better than my previous skills suggested. I have mastered darts. Not just boob darts...ALL darts and let-me-tell-you, they change everything! Therefore I have thus titled this blog post … Continue reading Year of the Catsuit