Redpool commisson

You've all been waiting for it!Here is a brief work-up of the latest "Redpool" commission I was asked to do. I will try to keep builds for all the Deadpool ones self contained, meaning, if I do more work on that specific suit I will update the original post so it's easier to find, you're … Continue reading Redpool commisson

X-Force Deadpool

X-Force Deadpool build part 1Onto X-Force Deadpool! I'm using this as my main reference photoI did a little piping on Deadpool as well and have a little more to do on the mask and the legs. So far so good! I will be finishing the shoulders, gloves, and arms this weekend. I'm excited to get … Continue reading X-Force Deadpool

X-Men Day: Domino and Deadpool

Hero Comics asked G and I if we had any costumes for X-Men day I think we can come up with something...We went along with the recent story of when Deadpool decided he wanted to be an X-Man. Well it just so happens that there was a black haired, black catsuit-wearing character in tall black … Continue reading X-Men Day: Domino and Deadpool