Wasp and Deadpool progress

Oh boy....there's nothing like the 2 weeks before a con, especially if you are getting a booth for the first time. There have been days that eating, showering, and leaving the house have not happened (you think I'm joking..)One such day was the day before Free Comic Book Day (I did shower...I promise) I spent … Continue reading Wasp and Deadpool progress

Finished Domino X-Force

That presser foot is amazing!! If you haven't been reading my rambles (that's silly of course you are....) I just bought a Teflon presser foot to finish Domino up before and Avengers vs X-Men party at Samurai Comics.  I got everything done but the elbow and knee pads (even the "tactical" parts, those were made … Continue reading Finished Domino X-Force

X-Men Day: Domino and Deadpool

Hero Comics asked G and I if we had any costumes for X-Men day I think we can come up with something...We went along with the recent story of when Deadpool decided he wanted to be an X-Man. Well it just so happens that there was a black haired, black catsuit-wearing character in tall black … Continue reading X-Men Day: Domino and Deadpool