Finished Domino X-Force

That presser foot is amazing!! If you haven't been reading my rambles (that's silly of course you are....) I just bought a Teflon presser foot to finish Domino up before and Avengers vs X-Men party at Samurai Comics.  I got everything done but the elbow and knee pads (even the "tactical" parts, those were made … Continue reading Finished Domino X-Force

X-Men Day: Domino and Deadpool

Hero Comics asked G and I if we had any costumes for X-Men day I think we can come up with something...We went along with the recent story of when Deadpool decided he wanted to be an X-Man. Well it just so happens that there was a black haired, black catsuit-wearing character in tall black … Continue reading X-Men Day: Domino and Deadpool

Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) build

Ok so I've postponed it enough... here's my build for Black CatI don't have many progress pictures because well, I was tired and had a week before FCBD to get this done and I had pictured myself out taking progress pictures for Deadpool. I trust all of you to use your imaginations and if you … Continue reading Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) build

Deadpool and Black cat build (mostly deadpool…)

Here's the (almost) step by step process on how I created my husband's D.pool costume. As I professed earlier, I love buying plain catsuits off of ebay from the sellers in China. The reason why I love them is because for the price it's waaaay cheaper than trying to buy the fabric in a fabric … Continue reading Deadpool and Black cat build (mostly deadpool…)