Proton Pack Full Resin Part kit


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Need a one stop shop to get all the resin parts for your proton pack build? Well here you are!

We’ve combined several of the smaller parts into the molds of what they go on, enabling us to offer them at a lower cost.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All pieces will come UNPAINTED in either white, grey or black resin depending on what the shop has in stock. There will be no holes drilled & minor sanding/filling may be required. The paint pieces in the pic are just for reference.

This lot includes these resin pieces:
1 Bumper
1 Ion Knob/Bellows
1 Clippard Valve
1 N-Filter
1 Ion arm w/ attached resisters, elbow & fitting
1 Dale resister
2 Straight fittings
1 Clippard fitting
1 Crank Knob
1 HGA w/ attached fitting & elbow
1 Injector tube set
1 Injector tube base
1 Booster Frame/ Ladder
1 Elbow
1 Ribbon cable clamp
1 Angled PPD tube
5 1in PVC endcaps
1 Booster tube top plug

These are made to order, so if you have a specific time-frame you need them in please contact us!


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