Lady Loki for opening night of Thor 2: The Dark World

Hello!I know I have a few projects that need a write up before this one but I'm just so darn excited about this I need to post the write up now! It is also a work in progress due to some unfortunate happenings that night, so this won't be the last you see of it!(I … Continue reading Lady Loki for opening night of Thor 2: The Dark World

Deathstroke from "Arrow"

I have a story to tell all of you. I was trying to keep this one a little low-key since it's pretty embarrassing, but I can't keep in in any longer. It's too funny....I did something extremely dumb this past weekend causing me to have some unanticipated "free" time.Let's get this out and over with. … Continue reading Deathstroke from "Arrow"

Chaser John Doe: Yumekui Merry

Cats. Demons. Glorious red cloaks.You must be thinking, “This must be something out of Jackie’s crazy dreams.” Nope. Just another crazy anime series. Crazy good! I finally got to make an anime costume. I am beyond excited!Our friend Alex has been wanting a Chaser John Doe (Yumekui Merry) costume to wear to Anime Expo now … Continue reading Chaser John Doe: Yumekui Merry

Crick (Raksa) figure from Hinges

We love Meredith McClaren! Not only is she a great friend, but also an amazing artist and wonderful PhxCC booth buddy(AA28 for 2013). Last year we asked Meredith do a Wasp design that would be the base for Jackies costume. This year we wanted to do something more focused on Meredith's work, so we decided on making a figure from her comic … Continue reading Crick (Raksa) figure from Hinges

Quorra TRON: Part 3 R3CONFIGUR3D

"Hey Jackie, are you going to build anything new or are you just going to keep re-doing the same stuff you've done over and over again?"A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B....I like getting things right the first time and in this hobby that doesn't always happen especially when you're … Continue reading Quorra TRON: Part 3 R3CONFIGUR3D

Henchmen Mask Kit

This is a quick tutorial on how to assemble our Venture Brothers Henchmen mask kit, which you can buy here( if it's in stock). This is what you will get in the mail, but depending on what my plastic supplier has available it may be white(or the angry eye version, the build method is the same):Now we can start by assembling our … Continue reading Henchmen Mask Kit