It’s been a little while since i’ve done a write up, I’m going to try to fix that. Hope you’ve been enjoying the videos G has been putting out and our more frequent Twitter, Tumblr, and IG posts. We’ve been pretty busy over here at KO’D designs so I’m going to go through a backlog of what we’ve been up to in a few different posts.

A really exciting thing happened to us! We were asked to be in a Women vs Cosplay calendar from Anabel Martinez! This was such a huge honor we had to do somethign new for it too.It was also video game themed and we realized, we don’t have a single video game costume! How did this happen? We love vija games! I go on and on about Metal Gear and Bayonetta, how did this happen?!

Well we fixed this. We didn’t have too much time to do this so we had to pick something we could do really well in that short time frame. Garrick and I love the indy game Towerfall. We decided that it would be fun to have a whole group for this and two of the four main characters are ladies so this was a great choice for this calendar.

The characters ended up being a perfect fit for all of us and were our usual mo’s for making costumes. We decided to do this with Deb and Paul from Frank and Nat’s Armory. Mine had black hair (blue), Garrick’s was full of himself and flashy(pink), Deb’s had red hair and a bow and arrow (green), and Paul’s was the strong silent type (orange).

These are very simple costumes so I wanted to make sure my translation of them into the real world was thoughtful and purposeful. I did some research on medieval bows and arabian bows. The game designers did a great job in their designs, they were dead on! I then research traditional arabian clothing so I could base my patterns for G’s assassin prince on it. G still calls them genie pants and he loves them.

I had decided early on that I wanted my last of the order character to be a combination of a demon hunter from Diablo and Legolas. So I ran with it, contacts and all.


We had about two weeks to pull this together and after many, many failed attempts at dying fabric. I finally went to Joann’s found the perfect material and dealt with the fact that my cheap way out ended up being more than double if i had just gone to JoAnn’s in the first place. Oh well, live and learn and now I really know my way around dying fabric both natural and synthetic. Level up.

We wanted to find a place to shoot that looked like it would be a level in the game. We drove around and settled on the Irish Library. They were closed on the day that we went but we found some places outside that worked well. Naresh was a great sport and did this last minute shoot beautifully, beating sun and all. He did some great edits on them including putting some of the little details from the game like the arrows above our heads.

IMG_1522_edit IMG_1530_edit IMG_1540_edit

The Kickstarter was a success so thank you to everyone who supported it!! We may have some extra calendars if you missed it, we’ll get back to you on that 😉

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