Nick Fury: A study in “closet-play”

Faithful readers or pass-er-bys, preferably both!

I am back with a quick post about our super fast construction time on classic Nick Fury.


I know, we vowed to plan better. I said I will never do anything last minute again. Well that wasn’t the whole truth and this was a better planned last minute construction. Change takes time, I’m working on it.

This all started about 2 years ago when we decided to do an Avengers group for Project Hero. Garrick decided he wanted to do Iron Man. We tried. It was painful. We will rebuild. Since we are Iron Man-less we kept trying to decide what Avenger G wanted to be. We knew which one he wanted to be but he hasn’t re-built his Iron Man or Ultron suit yet so I forced him to be Nick Fury. I forced him to be Nick Fury because it was 3 weeks before Free Comic Book Day and we didn’t want to sweat our butts off in Bat family costumes. Thus the idea for classic Nick Fury was born.

photo 1
measuring the cuts for the piping

Like I said, I had 3 weeks. I decided I would rather do almost anything other than make boot covers and gloves so I ordered him some storm trooper boots and power ranger gloves. The boots conveniently have a nice lift on them too; double win in my book. G wanted the night-night gun but we couldn’t get one in time to paint so he found a Nerf one with a holster that he was pretty happy with. I even had 2 left-over s.h.i.e.l.d patches that I was going to use for Black Widow a long time ago and clearly did not end up using so he had the logos!

Now that he was accessorized we could start on the outfit. I didn’t know if I had enough time to make a military jacket from scratch and G did not want to do a whole spandex suit. That doesn’t look military of very tactical unless you were a very detailed muscle suit underneath it or are a competing body builder. We wanted to go for more real-world tactical. I found a happy medium looking for jackets online, a simple track jacket. We raced to H&M knowing if we found a jacket there we could get pants to match it. We got the last medium and it even had a white zipper! The costuming gods had smiled upon us!


After we had the pants and jacket, I ran to SAS to see if I could find some white piping, white tactical webbing, white vinyl, and white buckles. Then I had to make sure the all matched, ugh!

Thankfully SAS is magical and I did find all of that there! Without going into too much detail (I wanted this to be a simple post for a simple costume) I custom made all of the holsters and belts for G to match and attach to one another. I also made a knife holster out of wet molded leather very quickly and his eye patch the same way. While the leather was drying I sewed the piping in the jacket across the chest and collar to give it a more military look and so it was based off of the picture G liked best. G them cast some of the pouches he made and we were done!

photo 2
cuts made for the piping

fitting the holsters

I won’t spoil the make-up as we plan on doing a series of make-up videos for men cos-players. Yes. Dudes can and should wear make-up  for certain costumes. Heck, they can wear it whenever they want! I just want to show what we do for our costumes and maybe it will help someone else looking for some tips.

Here is the finished product grumping around at Free Comic Book Day!

Great photo by Laughing Koi Productions
Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D being Loki-bombed
Full candid photo of the costume
I had fun with photo apps on my phone in the wee hours of the morning
Project Hero!

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