Deadpool mask collaboration

Oh hai.
Miss me?
Of course you did.

Haven’t posted for awhile, I know. Don’t you worry, that doesn’t mean that every waking free second of my life has not been consumed by planning and constructing Deadpool costumes. Trust me it has.

This is the latest. Todd and myself decided to work together and create this beauty. Lots of blood sweat and tears put into developing this pattern. (well maybe not so much my blood or sweat, but definitely my tears. Probably Garrick’s sweat and Todd’s blood if we’re going to be honest.)

We are currently taking orders for these but you need to contact Todd or myself on Facebook for availability which is limited. (I can only sew so fast people!!) Facebook link ——————–>

Planning on making an X-Force one for Garrick and possibly a video game suit for him…If I can ever get caught up with everything else I have to do before May. Here’s a really late New Years resolution, stop saying yes to everything and realizing I do need time to sleep. Who am I kidding, I will probably make a similar post next year…. 🙂

“Blue steel baby, blue steel.”

Mask by Todd and myself, handsome by Garrick.
You could even try to win one. Check the picture below and go here

I listened to a lot of CombiChrist while sewing this, mainly because the new Devil May Cry came out and Dante and I had some catching up to do. Would Deadpool listen to CombiChrist? Probably, it’s good smashing music, he would probably also play DMC, it’s a good smashing game.
See what my life has turned into?
Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you all for the support thus far!

<3 Jackie


The masks are really flying! Thanks for all the support everyone!

I wanted to show you all a few tips I’ve learned while sewing these. If you are using a un-cooperative material (such a anything stretchy including spandex) use wax paper to start the seam and it keeps it from getting caught in the feed dog. Genius! I can’t claim all the credit for this, God Save the Queen Fashions had posted something similar to this on their FB. I thank you GSQ, you have saved me SO much time seam ripping!

These are how my week nights have looked of late. Floors covered in Deadpool pieces. Soon I’ll have a table so I won’t have to sit hunched in a ball for hours cutting these out 🙂 The rotary cutter is my new friend!

Holy crap guys, this is from the episode of Super Power Beat Down with out mask. It looks AMAZING!!!

Check out the site for voting on the next episodes here. I’m SO excited for this!!

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