Holiday crazy-ness and Santapool

Hope everyone is having a good holiday! I know we are! Sorry for lack of posts, despite this, we have been super busy. As is every winter here in Az we have to take the few weeks of cold to do some out door projects and stuff to the house. We also did a photo shoot of our X-Force costumes in Flagstaff since it was snowing a bit. You can see some of those in the X-Force Deadpool post, one our Facebook, on my main blog, and on our new Project Hero page.
Super fun!
We (KnowOne’s Designs with Project Hero) adopted a family this year for Christmas and are still taking donations for them if anyone is able to donate.

We also filmed a short holiday video with “Santapool.” It’s pretty funny if I do say so myself and features KnowOne’s Designs very own Deadpool. This is the start of something we have been talking about in Project Hero for awhile. We have many more ideas for some fun short videos we plan on making in the future to post on the new site and on Youtube.

I have a lot of projects planned for the new year including some new Deadpool stuff so you’ll just have to stay tuned!

I will be updating both blogs soon, but I don’t have a regular schedule as of yet since the holidays are still upon us. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and thank you for all your support, questions, commission requests, and views. 😀

~Jackie and Garrick of KnowOne’s Designs

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