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You’ve all been waiting for it!
Here is a brief work-up of the latest “Redpool” commission I was asked to do. I will try to keep builds for all the Deadpool ones self contained, meaning, if I do more work on that specific suit I will update the original post so it’s easier to find, you’re welcome. 🙂

We (client and I) decided to change the eyes from Garrick’s original Redpool to be bigger like the one’s from the X-Force Deadpool we made. I have had a few requests so far for Deadpool commissions and all of them are different which I love! Even if it’s a subtle difference they’re still there. I love working from an idea and bringing it to life like this!


I then started with a plain red catsuit that was made to the clients specific measurements and  sewed the black pieces on top. I did this to make the costume look more layered and less thin. Creating dimension is always the key to making spandex look less like spandex (if that makes sense). We also decided to change up the design of the black to reflect a picture he liked.

I don’t know why I thought this was so funny but I did. Maybe it was because I spent 3 whole days locked in a room by myself working on this? Nah….

Ok normally I don’t like to brag…ok yes I do. I DO have a reason this time.  Check out this awesome top stitching!! I rock. And you know who also rocks? This girl, because she has an awesome tutorial on how to perfect your top stitching. I also did not know that the new Singer machines have an adjustable stretch stitch on them. Thank you awesome costuming-fashion school girl, you might have saved my life!

 My FAVORITE part of any of these costumes are these!!

Deadpool buttons!!!

I literally have to save these for last or I won’t want to finish the rest. They’re on the glove cuffs too. How I haven’t taken a picture of these on either of Garrick’s other Deadpool suits is beyond me because I am in love with them! I don’t know why I get so excited to do this part but I do or maybe it’s bedcause THEY”RE SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!! I know dudes don’t like being called cute, but LOOK AT THESE!!! Ok, I’m done gushing…for now….

Mask and buckle will be finished this weekend. I’ll “update” this post with those pictures later.

Deadpool playlist:
Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko

I think Deadpool might secretly only like this group for their name. I could also see him dancing to this shooting things, and yelling bang! bang!. I guess he could like them on more levels than just the name. Different voices have different personalities right? So why couldn’t they have different tastes?

Here is the finished mask. I’ve had a lot of questions about how the eyes were made. In an older post about Deadpool I explained it there. I am still organizing “One Red Deadpool” so for now search it one “One Black Catsuit” in the seacrh blog box. We will also start casting and selling them soon, if you’re interested let us know!

Here are some finished pictures of the client in the suit!

Love the pose! 😉

We had to repair the gloves for this one and I ended up changing the design slightly, since I didn’t want the thumb to bust open again. I really like the finished product and might start using this on more of our costumes.

This client was great to work with and is making his own double katana harness for this costume. I can’t wait to see it finished!

Our client gave us such a STUNNING review!! He has entered the RPF costume contest this year in the Deadpool costume he commissioned from us., check it out and vote for him!

Even Deadpool can be vain…

He makes such a great Deadpool! Now go vote for him!
Right here! Go do it!:


Here is another Redpool commission I completed in November. This one went to a lovely client in Tasmania, oooh we’re international now!


This one had a higher collar and more black on the arms. The client had his own mask and i needed to make the collar high enough to meet the mask he had. (the mask is awesome, btw, keep scrolling down to see it!)

 Oh top-stitching, I’m so glad we’re friends again…..

 Guess what the grey parts on the fingers are? Conductive material!! What you don’t know what that is? Let me tell you…it is material that allows you to use your smart phone while wearing gloves. This is insane news if you’re into costuming and hate the fact that you have to have other people help you use/check your phone. I am also going to start sewing “secret” pockets into some of my suits to hide credit cards, cash, and a possible a phone. Not all costumes have pouches!

Customer photo, look at his mask! Awesome!!

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