One Red Deadpool

Let’s sum up what’s happened since my last post….

I broke myself on a trampoline, twice. I spent two weekends laying on the couch in a percoset daze since the second time was my neck taking it’s Revengeance on me for bouncing and bending my back the wrong direction the week prior. (Yes I sound old…I’m not. My health and my cat habits just make me seem that way)

I have been planning a charity event with our friends in Project Hero to help out the victims of the shooting in Aurora. We got the good folks from Aurora Rise on board for it too. They are having their big event this weekend. Check them out they are doing a great thing and I hope to add to their efforts in September.

I have a few commissions I have been trying to work on.

I have gotten a TON of interest in Deadpool lately. Thanks for all the excitement everyone! I DO have one request. If you have a simple, quick question that’s fine ask me here or on Facebook. If you have questions about commission pricing etc, please go to our “Like” page on Facebook and in the notes section is a commission form, PLEASE fill this out before you send us an email. I love the interest in what we do, but remember I do work another 40hr a week job, have a side job (this), a blog (also this), house, husband, and cat that all need my attention as well and I don’t have a lot of time to try to decipher requests. The commission form has everything I need to know to give you a quote. Remember I am visual too, I love when people send me lots of pictures to explain their ideas. 🙂

I know I have said this before am seriously considering making an additional link on here called “Deadpool’s Corner” or “One Red Deadpool” just to put all of my posts for him.
I am almost done re-doing Garrick’s X-Force Deadpool. I did it to show my very patient and awesome customer commissions the updates I wanted to make to it before I did it to theirs and asked what they thought. This is a situation where the phrase “It’s better to ask for forgiveness after than permission first” does NOT apply! I am making some different changes to Garrick’s that I will show when I am all done and I think they’re pretty B.A. if I do say so myself….and I do say so…myself.  Expect some more Deadpool posts in the near future.

Greypool before with the vinyl
Shoulders with the vinyl
Re-done “athletic-cut” shoulders with matte metallic spandex

Re-done torso black parts pinned waiting for top stitching. The red lines are where Deadpool’s  black normally extends to. I made it cover more for Garrick to hide the seam ripping from the vinyl and to create more heroic proportions. Commission 1 wanted the black to not extend past the red lines, see I told you I like visuals!

I had another idea awhile back and I just decided to put it on here. I usually listen to Pandora when I sew. I don’t like silence when I’m trying to be creative. Every once-in-awhile I here a song that I feel the character I am working on would have on their personal playlist. this first happened when I was making Black Cat. Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” ft Ludacris came on and for whatever reason, I just felt this would defiantly be something she would listen to. It fit her “love em’ and leave em’ mentality and if I were a thief I would want a good beat to steal to ;).

Speaking of Black Cat and what super heroes would do in real life, check out Meredith’s latest post in her gallery section for what they would look like. She took a few of the more famous DC and Marvel ladies and drew some more “real world” outfits and based their body-types off of Olympians. I’m in love and have been fan-girling over this for a week now. Remember, Meredith is the one that we worked with on the Wasp re-design. She’s awesome on concepts and well, art in general.

Having Deadpool be the subject of most of my time lately, I feel he could be anything goes. This song is also a clue to the version I am basing Garrick’s Greypool off of as well. Deadpool would probably go from something ridiculous to something hard and heavy. This week is ridiculous, Carley Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” Don’t even tell me you can’t see him dancing to this!
Is this nerdy? Yes. Am I maybe going through Glee deprivation? Yes definitely. Lots of things I do don’t make sense or even go together, get over it.

More projects to come! I think I’ve got enough to post weekly for a while, woohoo!

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  1. I lol'd alot about the “Call Me Maybe” song choice when I noticed the pic to the far right under One Red Deadpool where he's got his hand to his head as if it's a phone! Ha! 🙂

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