Re-do’s, repairs, and redpool

Back to work!
I have a few things I need to repair and re-do and a few things to start. Wasp and Greypool are my main concerns but spandex world is out of the fabric I need for Greypool’s shoulders.
 I have another project I am REALLY excited about but I’m not going to say anything until I know I can get it going and have it ready to sell by October.
G and I have a lot of pep ready and in the works to be folded and molded. Haha that rhymed. I also have some baby stuff to start sewing for people. So much to do, I’m so excited!!!

Until all of those projects are more fleshed out, here is the promised work- up on how I made my Wasp wings.

I researched bug wings for an entire night before I found the ones I liked. Surprisingly, her wings are based very close to actual wasp’s wings, go figure, I just thought they would find whatever was pretty and go with it.
I then drew a pattern of sorts to scale on giant grid paper.


After I had this outline, I used  two different thickness’s of armature wire and hot glue to make the skeleton of the wings.



Then I used this crazy stuff I found called Fantasy Film to make them iridescent.I thought the color I had picked out would be more yellow or clear, it ended up being “pinker” than I thought. I still like it. I am going to try something different when I go to make Pixie’s wings. If I like how that comes out better than these then I’ll re-make these. For now they work, they as durable as wire covered in shrink-wrap can be and they’re pretty.
 This stuff is like pretty shrink-wrap and I suggest testing it in small sections first. It had a pretty big learning curve when you are doing something on this scale. All the tutorials I watched were for wings people were making for bears and dolls. You have to work in small sections, one side at a time, and be very, very sparse with your glue or it looks like a literal hot mess. Glue only the armature wire, do not glue the film to itself, it will look horrible and not translucent anymore. Make sure not to get the heat too close or you get holes in it and then you have to rip it up and start over. I re-did these about 3 times before I was happy with them.


I then built a wing harness out of heavy-duty elastic (it ended up looking like a tactical sports bra) that the wings could be inserted in through the back of the catsuit.
Meredith gave me an idea on how to cover where the wings lay in the suit. (I was down to the wire on this build so covering the wire was not my top priority at the time.) She told me to build a small triangular sheath, kind of like the ones Wolverine has on his gloves for his claws. Genius!

I have to re-do the palms of my gloves. I used this awesome fabric paint Jacquard, but it it not good for things that go through continual stretching. The yellow cracked (but the silver stayed!) and peeled at PCC so my hands are behind my back most of the time in all the pictures. I am going to order some milli skin that I need for the Monarchs and use some for the palms. I.hate.sewing.gloves. Have I mentioned this before, because I do, with a passion.


AND….like I said before, I will be re-doing the armor pieces so they are removable..

We sold G’s Redpool and I was also commissioned to make another, yay! I might post some of the new things I have decided to do with it, we shall see. This blog is going to turn into “One Red Deadpool” soon, oh well, I have fun sewing him and everyone still loves him so good for me good for you the reader. 😉

Next week… Monarch plans? or Project Hero? Redpool? New Projects? Who Knows?! Stay tuned….!

6 thoughts on “Re-do’s, repairs, and redpool

  1. Oh hai Walter! I'm excited to make it! would you mind if I posted about some of the changes I'm making with it compared to the one I made for Garrick? Then you can see progress as well 😉

  2. I'd have absolutely no issues with that! Also, I send you and Garrick an email discussing/suggesting a few things. Let me know what you two think!

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