ACE Comic Expo 2012

Just when we thought we could recover from Phoenix Con we remembered we said we would go to Albuquerque for ACE Comic Expo 2 weeks later. I know what some of you are thinking…suck it up! I go to :insert number: cons a year! We just had a table for the first time… we have a lot to learn ;).

We drove up with Deb and Paul on Saturday. Best. Carpool. Ever. You guys are our standard travel buddies from now on. If we weren’t on a deadline we would have stopped at waay more awful roadside stops. We did stop at a few awful dinosaur ones (couldn’t resist!!) we missed knife world and the world’s largest dream catcher…


We got there, met up with Jason and got into X-Force and pranced around, literally…
This con was nice because it was big enough to be interesting but small enough that you could really talk to the artists and people there without being rushed. This was also our actual debut of Project Hero so it was good to make connections. I have a few things I’m waiting on before I officially announce Project Hero on here so hold tight. It’s for charity and it’s awesome…that’s all I’ll say for now.
We decided that with group costumes we need positions and to decide on poses before hand so we don’t look so disorganized. We did that here and it worked! I also made a big effort and drank a few energy drinks so I wouldn’t make awful tired faces in all the pictures. 😛

We met a really awesome artist Jaime Tyndall who generously donated a bunch of stuff to the Project Hero cause. We will be raffling some of it off soon. It’s nice to meet people like him who are so supportive of the community and who are very talented as well!

This has been a weird, crazy week full of cat bites and hospital visits so this post is short…. but full of pictures….
and Tumblr!! I finally figured it out and how to use it (shut up) and will be developing the layout more. I will be posting pictures on there that I don’t post here or on Facebook, so if you want to see our sneak peaks and awesome stuff and you Tumbl (is that how it’s used as a verb?) you should follow us here!

I don’t know why I thought this was so funny, but it is!

Little Ang!!



Project Hero in action!

We got our poses down 😉

Next week:
Fixing stuff: Wasp, Deadpool, Domino, and ideas for Antman

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