Phoenix Comicon 2012

I know this is a little delayed but we had a lot going on during PCC and after so it took me awhile to get around to this. I think I have so much to talk about from events since the last time i posted I might have at least 3 weeks straight of Friday blog posts, woohoo!!

Let’s start with my story…
Garrick decided 6 months ago that we were going to have a booth at PCC 2012 this year. I laughed. I laughed a lot. I didn’t laugh when he bought the table. This meant we had to haul ass on producing stuff, like finishing the TRON costumes (that we had been talking about for 2 years), trying to put together our Avengers costumes (which worked out really well since we tied that in with Meredith), X-Force Domino and Deadpool, oh, and we bought a house in the middle of this, a house that needed fixing. It didn’t need a major overhaul, but as you’ve read, I definitely waged full blown chemical warfare on the backyard. We also painted the entire house, patched holes, replaced plumbing, sealed the garage, and tried to nurse the rest of the landscape that I wasn’t trying to kill back to life. So long story short, we were REALLY busy!!

Our stuff!!
Batman wears underwear too….

We had a lot of other things we wanted to have done by the show, but we worked around it. (Quorra helmet mold breaking). It was a good learning experience all in all and we got a lot of really good ideas for next year. We are even going to have stuff for sale next year! We also met a lot of really great people through this. Despite my disbelief, scoffing, and general unhappiness with being on a forced deadline I’m really glad we did it (Garrick is also glad I’m glad lol). Meredith is also an awesome booth buddy and next year we will be having someone (volunteers?!) watch the table while we’re away so she is not bombarded with questions of EL, urethane, and general construction questions.
All in all, we had a lot of fun seeing everyone, hanging out and finding terrifying dolls in a basement, watching girl ponies gather around pretty boys, trying to create photo-bomb opp for Shannon and the Samurai crew, taking pictures of phallic foods, and generally watching Garrick, Paul, and Jason play together, skip in costume hand-in-hand, all while Deb and I laughed hysterically/played damage control. (Thanks guys for staying with us!)

  (on a side note, Garrick and I need rooms with separate computers. As I’m trying to type this while he is spinning my chair around and thrashing in his boxers to Ke$ha trying his hardest to get me to pay attention to him….yesss separate work rooms….)

I have, as I do after every con for at least one costume, some things I need to fix on Wasp. I’m going to make her armor removable (so I can sit down!!) and redesign the general shape of it so it’s not so linear and severe. I need to make a “wing sheath” as well. Meredith gave me a very good idea!

I am working on the faces I make… I promise….

Garrick is also deciding is he wants to try to build a War Machine or Ant/Giant Man for our Avengers group with Project Hero (more to come on them in a future blog post!!).
Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?! Let me know. Also Meredith and I will be doing another collaboration on a costume since that went over so well. I’m not telling what it is yet….
Last PCC comment, would have liked to have been able to walk around more and talk to people and see other booths. Will need volunteers next year!

Anyhoo…here’s some pictures!!!


Little Gohan was so cute!!!

Garrick finally got to play with Power Rangers!

I’m starting to envy Paul’s wig collection

Best Barda ever!!!

Project Hero! (minus Garrick)

X-Force Project Hero

We made the New Times!

They do exist…and light up!

I thought this was a great picture, you all look great!

Oh an if anyone finds the picture of me as Domino hanging on a wall with Jay and Silent Bob, I NEED that picture kthxbai!

3 thoughts on “Phoenix Comicon 2012

  1. This was great! I snorted aloud imagining Garrick turning your chair round & round & generally being a cat. (LookatMEEEE!! PayattentiontoMEEE!) Lol! For removable armor, are you thinking black velcro or something else? 'Cause I was thinking that strong enough velcro would probably work. Would you be doing that too all the pieces or just the lower ones? Yeah, sorry we missed you this year! Hopefully we'll see y'all at next year's con.

  2. Hahahaha right, he WAS acting like a cat…
    I was thinking black velcro just for the lower pieces so I could sit for a little bit. Heels man, I don't know how people work in them all day! I work them to work when I was in office but I sat most of the day. I think I missed that day of “being a real girl” training… No worries we'll be doing this more often! <3

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