Wasp and Deadpool progress

Oh boy….there’s nothing like the 2 weeks before a con, especially if you are getting a booth for the first time. There have been days that eating, showering, and leaving the house have not happened (you think I’m joking..)
One such day was the day before Free Comic Book Day (I did shower…I promise) I spent 14-16 hours the day before trying to get Wasp wear-able and I did! I also passed out in the upright position when we got home and made some horrible faces in pictures but damnit it was mostly done!

Whitney and myself

Ryan, Todd, Deb, Garrick, Paul and myself
(Avengers assemble! now with Batman, Bane, and Deadpool…)

WHY would you give Deadpool the hammer?!

Garrick posted about the armor pieces and the awesome spray paint we found here. He did a great job on it too! Only problem was something that we coined as “handruff”…read his post, the explanation is in there and it’s not a gross as it sounds.

Big thank you to Hero Comics and Samurai Comics for having us, sleep deprived and all!

I still have to do the piping on the gloves and the wings on Wasp, looking to try to finish the gloves this weekend and the wings next week. Let me tell you, piping is AWESOME but it is way time consuming! You have to pin everything especially when it is mirroring itself on both sides of a costume. Oh and welting feet have saved my life, I love gadgets. I am currently collecting interesting presser feet if anyone has any suggestions. I love things that make my life easier! Don’t you?



Awkward crotch shot…but it was the only way to show the piping!

I think I would have imploded if it didn’t turn out to by symmetrical.
I did a little piping on Deadpool as well and have a little more to do on the mask and the legs. So far so good! I will be finishing the shoulders, gloves, and arms this weekend. I’m excited to get the eyes finished, they are squinty eyes! I think I’ve talked about this before…anyway Deadpool should always have awesome facial expressions. Once PhxCC is over we might start casting those in urethane….we shall see…


Oh and I think the wig I got for Wasp is an Ouran Host Club wig, Haruhi’s to be exact…whatever it’s still cute and she is a girl and so am I so there.

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We did see the Avnegers and it was AMAZING! Glad to get excited about a movie again especially one with lots of props and costumes in it. I think I need to see it again so I can focus on the movie and not go nuts over all of the design elements and have a bagillion ideas about how to use them running through my head while trying to focus on the story. Lady Loki is in my future…let’s just say that.
When I get paid this week I will be donating our ticket prices to this charity Hero Initiative. If you love comics and all great things that come from them donate to help take care of their creators. Most comic artists are freelance which means no benefits. This organization provides help for those artists when they need it.

Now back to work…

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