Avengers Wasp

Are you excited for this?! I am! I am so happy to be working with Meredith McClaren on this costume. She has such an eye for costumes and design in her work I couldn’t wait to make this. It will be even better since Garrick and I are sharing a table with her at Phoenix Comic-con this year (table 433!). You should stop by…just sayin’ 🙂
Meredith and I were talking about making certain characters costumes more “visually interesting” by trying to incorporate more tactical designs and lines and this is what she came up with


I LOVE the piping on the legs and gloves. I had never though of this  and it is going to be awesome. The only change I made to her concept is the palm of the gloves are going to be a similar yellow to that of the bug parts. I even got a wig that is pretty dead-on for this, hell yea for plans coming together!




The bug pieces I am basing off of this girl. She does amazing work and goes by “Riddle” as her pseudonym. She sculpted the bug parts for Wasp and then had them Chromed in gold (there is another term for Chroming something in gold but I don’t know it so deal). I am not that fancy right now and I want to try sculpting something smaller first like a new Black Cat mask before I take on body armor. That being said, Garrick is helping me out with this (We’re trading, I’m sewing his new D.Pool and Nick Fury) and we are making it out of foam. We made boob molds out of giant Easter egg bottom so we could heat mold the foam on top of those, we’re so smart. He should be posting his progress soon.
 I also love her eye for tactical and small practical details in her costumes. You can’t see it in this picture but she made wing holes in the back! If you turned into a bug you would need holes for your wings to go through too! Small, but great detail. Check out her gallery, it’s super impressive!
 I will have wings with mine purely because I have been dying to make to make them! I am going to use the wing hole idea so I can go with or without wings depending on the event. So there. My bug parts will not be identical to this but similar, I want to put my own spin on it as well.


I wanted to give you a little glimpse into my work process since I had to re-make all of the patterns for Deadpool (they were lost in the move).

First there is planning…


then nomming….


Ok I really just wanted to post those to show what I have to go through to get the cat to leave me alone anytime I have to do things on the floor. I use wrapping paper for my patterns for two reasons. 1. it’s gridded on the back side! Measuring I own you now… 2. I can pin through it. Almost everyone has it laying around the house so you might as well use it!

Long post long…I got a lot of my pieces cut out and seams ripped this week and once I get my welting foot in the mail I’ll post some pictures/tutorial of how that goes.

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