Finished Domino X-Force

That presser foot is amazing!! If you haven’t been reading my rambles (that’s silly of course you are….) I just bought a Teflon presser foot to finish Domino up before and Avengers vs X-Men party at Samurai Comics.  I got everything done but the elbow and knee pads (even the “tactical” parts, those were made out of drawer liner, I’m so resourceful…).
::Special thank you to Hero Comics for inviting us!! Sorry we couldn’t make it dressed up but it was fun hanging out!::
Here are some pictures that the wonderful Peter Vincent took (He’s the Spiderman in the photos) and let me tell you, I am making some absolutely great faces in these….


Man…do other people make faces like this or is it something you’re born with…ugh


Garrick also wore red Deadpool for the last time…(it was starting to smell…even after we washed it…)


This one is for all my homies…or maybe personalities? Definitely personalities for Deadpool…

My make-up came out great! I was super pleased with it! You know what I didn’t do…was take a close up shot of the black eye. I was finally able to blend some blue into the black and match the white eye to it so that way I wouldn’t have the focusing issues I did before. (didn’t help with all the dumb faces apparently…)  I’ll take some pictures next time I do Domino and post a make-up tutorial for it.

Onto X-Force Deadpool! I’m using this as my main reference photo


I will also be working on this Wasp, and Nick Fury  intermittently since we need Wasp and Nick Fury done by the Avengers premiere. Since we haven’t ordered any of the material…I will work on Deadpool first so I am using my time most efficiently. Look at me time manage like a pro. Wings for Wasp may not be done in time for the premiere….definitely by PHXCC.

Did you notice something different? Yes! I fixed my banner to have Wasp on their instead of Black Widow. that costume never happened and it probably never will…

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  1. Why thank you! I'm so excited to see the two of your's as well and to see our little group together! That presser foot is a religious experience ;)….

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