Year of the Catsuit

You may be wondering why I titled this post as such. Well I have just discovered that the wonderful world of sewing is a lot bigger and better than my previous skills suggested. I have mastered darts. Not just boob darts…ALL darts and let-me-tell-you, they change everything! Therefore I have thus titled this blog post “Year of the Catsuit” because I will be re-making all of my previous costumes ( AH Catwoman and Black Cat) and making all of my new ones (Wasp, Baroness, too many more to name) using my newly mastered skillz. SO excited for Wasp btw…won’t disclose anything now….but it’s going to be AMAZING!!

My mind was further blown by the discovery of all of the numerous presser foots out there. (This Teflon one I have coming in the mail better rock my world and top stitch Domino like a dream or I’ll rage.) There are one’s for Blind Stitching, making sure vinyl doesn’t pull, and hundreds of others! Yes I realize a lot of you are probably saying to yourselves “Where has Jackie been, she goes to Joann’s frequently, is she blind?!”  When I have my mind set on something, yes it’s like I’m blind. I never had a need for these things before so I never thought to look to see if they existed. They do!!
I am still somewhat of a novice at this so I am figuring things out and learning as I go constantly. Having the dress form has changed everything. I can visualize what I want something to look like now and try it out with out trying to make these complex drawings and patterns that just take too much time. So yay me and my new knowledge and knowledge skillz (skills always needs to be spelled with a z…). My goal by the end of the year is to be comfortable using patterns. I have struggled with these before because laying the out is not how my brain works, but I need to be able to use them better so I will try.

I was able to put the quilting in the sides of  Domino and darted the front stomach area and the back. This is the most amazing thing ever! I actually have a body now and my boobs aren’t squished and pulled down, they sit where they are supposed to! I am amazed. You can’t see the difference on the dress form as much since it’s not exactly my same body shape but you get the idea.



 I have also redone the gloves so they are more tactical looking. I hate sewing gloves. I mean I really really hate sewing gloves.That being said, I will buy them pre-done as long as I can. This way I can still add to them if I want but most of the stuff I hate about sewing gloves is done for me. Yes it’s lazy. Everyone has their thing, gloves are mine.
I have been searching different types of tactical gloves trying to see what parts of them I like the best. I really like the padding on the back of the hands. I made my own since the weight lifting gloves and tactical gloves I bought were too thick and made my hands look like boulders. I also added some padding to the palm and cut off three of the fingers so they looked more like tactical shooting gloves (you can tell I’ve been playing a lot of MGS…).

 (nope didn’t paint my fingers, they’re just that pale)


I also did a make-up test to see if I could add some blue to the black eye to make it stand out. Not only is it really hard to focus with the contrast but it causes me to make awful faces in photos and gives me a headache. I am trying to do the make-up like someone would if they really had that pigmentation. I decided to play with some different shades of blues to emphasize her blue eyes and define the eye while still going with the rest of the look. I also found a deep blue lipstick that I am going to use as a highlight to the black. ( I didn’t take a picture because I did the test before I took a shower and my face was way greasy form doing house work and exercising… you’re welcome)

I will be wearing this on Tuesday the 3rd at Samurai Comics on Camelback for their Avengers vs Xmen party with Garrick as Deadpool (red version not X-force, that catsuit did not come in before the weekend either). I’m not 100% done with this but I had promised we would be at this event so it’s done enough to wear. Still missing some top stitching, elbow/knee pads, and the different fabric pieces (I didn’t get my presser foot in before the weekend, so deal….). The AZ Avengers will be there as well along with some great artists.

Hope to see you there!!

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  1. ::update::
    That presser foot is a dream!! I was able to get everything finished last night except for the elbow and knee pads…sooo in love! just missing the new boots now!

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