Domestic Warfare

Oh Hello!
Where have I been you might ask? Well there are a lot of answers to that. My least favorite answer is that I have been forced into waging domestic warfare on my front and back lawns. I don’t have a traditional lawn yet, unless you count hundreds of varieties of weeds a lawn… I have been trying to get all of them under control for the past 3 weeks so I can start planting and eventually have a semi-adult looking landscape before the ridiculous heat-explosion that we in Arizona call a “summer” hits. I can’t say this was completely boring. I did get to use a blow torch….chemicals… a weed-wacker….and wear a pink respirator all at the same time.

Β “Oooooh exciting!!! Please Jackie tell me more about your adventures in being a boring shut in!”
Ask and you shall receive!

I also went to the Desert Botanical Gardens annual plant show to pick up some plants I hopefully can’t kill. I have a black thumb. Maybe even more than that, maybe my thumb is the essence of death. Point it in the direction of something green and it instantly wilts…unless it’s a weed, then it grows more…
Let me tell you what my plant list consisted of:
Devil’s Backbone
Blood Flowers
Bat-Faced Cuphea
Lady Slippers
Ghost plants
“It sounds like a recipe for a curse, or someone went through a list of plants and picked them based solely on their names.” (I did…so what…)
Speaking of my black thumb, I looked outside today and my Bat-Faced Cuphea already looks like it’s dying…now I’m killing them with a glance?! Ugh….Β  One down one to go. I only bought two plants, the bat-face and a lady slipper. Since I seem to kill things, I thought it best not to blow hundreds of dollars on foliage that may not last due to prolonged exposure to myself.

I was finally able to plant in the flower pots we have on the front of our house!
Green and alive…for now….

I did venture out of the house for this festival…Holi!


Holi is an Indian festival celebrating the colors and vibrancy of spring. Shannon invited us since she had to go for a school project and it was tons of fun!

(I know all of you were secretly wondering…..yes, when I blew my nose it was bright pink for a few days and yes that shit stained all it came in contact with)

Oh and I was able to start this:


I did remember this was a costuming blog….
Look! I got a dress form too! Hopefully a male one will be on it’s way, those are way hard to find. (thank you Garrick’s grandmother and dad for getting these for us!!)
I also have a Teflon presser foot on it’s way. That’s right I’m stepping up my game! No longer will vinyl seams own me, I will destroy them with my beautifully executed finished top seams now!

As for updates, I broke my new years resolution of updating every Friday. Let’s face it, I knew that was going to happen, but it got me to try to update more often. I will shoot for every other week and maybe throw a random personal rant in there somewhere.Why? Because they’re fun and I like talking and thinking that all of you find me as interesting and as funny as I find myself.

Tonight…HUNGER GAMES!! (shut up, the books were awesome….)

4 thoughts on “Domestic Warfare

  1. Ha! I'd wondered where the colorful picture was taken. πŸ™‚ I must say, I have pretty much the same luck with plants, myself. I'm super-duper proud of this shrub that's in our front “flower bed” that's managed to survive for about 4 years. (Quotes are used since, when we moved in there were flowers… then they died. Subsequent attempts to replenish flowers have been met with crushing failure due to summer.)I wish you much luck in the plant department! πŸ™‚

  2. Hahahaha yea that sounds like me so far. Trying to save the small amount of foliage that has managed to survive here with a 1 1/2 of no water has not been a successful venture for me. There has to be something that can survive me!!!

  3. If I remember the name of the bush that we planted out front, I'll let you know. It has been plugging away for 4 years now and blooms lovely yellow flowers in late Jan-March. I can't believe it's still alive. πŸ™‚

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