Domino, MGS4, and retail therapy

Good news, I got my catsuit in the mail so I can start remaking Domino now! I was going to post some “concept art” but it turned out less than desirable. I don’t know if you all knew but I can draw, just not how you think. I can draw anything I see. Coming up with concept art is a struggle for me because I need lots of reference pictures and time. Let’s be honest, I didn’t want to spend the time re-doing this one. So there. You don’t get to see it. Sorry.  Check out my friend who can draw!

My weekend will be spent two ways. 1. Sewing 2. Lamenting the end of MGS4.
Yes, I cry at the end of video games. And books. And movies. I cried at the end of MGS3 even harder than MGS4. I mean sobbing, awful, ugly crying. I’m not proud. I get really into those things so when they’re over, I search to fill the void. What most people would do is go and get the next book in the series, or the next game etc. What do I do? I become every capitalist’s favorite person…I buy everything and anything that relates to said game/book/movie. Shirts, toys, pants, you name it, I’ll buy it. Ok, I didn’t really buy those pants but I thought about it. 🙂
I do take solace in the fact that I have yet to finish Portable ops and Peacewalker so yay for that. But before I say my next comment, I want all of you Raiden haters to just shut it, I like him, he’s B.A., and I will play the shit out of Revengence (It’s a word NOW, so suck it).
There is rumor floating around that there will be a MGS5. As much as I selfishly want that, I think they need to give Snake a rest. The end of 4 was painful and I don’t know what there is left to tell. Do a game about Boss if you must, that would probably be pretty awesome if you ask me, but let Snake rest.

Also there WILL be a Meryl and Jonny (aka Akiba) costume in Garrick and I’s not-so-distant future. Come one, slick his hair back and Garrick looks just like him…and acts like him…

Hope you enjoyed all the links, next week I should have some pictures to post!

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  1. I too am a material girl, in a material world, hence my Hermoine Wand, my Marauders Map, etc… My pretties… And you can borrow my tissue, box right by the tv 🙂

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