Longtime no post?!
So I’ve decided I’m going to try to be responsible with this blog and update it more often. My goal is to post every Friday ::gasp::! Baby steps now, I’ll start with some older projects I haven’t gotten to and then see if twice a month is more my speed. Anyway, there’s something to be said for having goals right?
What I’m hoping to gain from this is feedback from all of you, a way for me to feel responsible and actually make the goals I set, and to have discussions on all of this. So there, take that New Year.

Shhh…. I’ll tell you a secret….
I secretly LOVE anime. The more I think about it, maybe having an amine character tattooed on my foot gave that one a way a long time ago…oh well. the point is I like anime and I would love to do more costumes from it but the characters really don’t fit my body type…I’ve got the boobs down it’s just most of them aren’t very hippy… good to point out since I picked the one character to do that is the exact opposite of boobs and hips…Ulquiorra from Bleach (I have a way with intros don’t I?)


Why did I pick a character as skinny and un-lady -like (He’s actually a dude….) since I made a rant about it in the above paragraph?

Jackie, but this is cross-play?! You crazy!
Oh I know.
I really liked his colors and I wanted to do the make-up….
It’s the little things in life right?
Also I think if I stick to my work-out routine, his costume is baggy enough for my lady-bits to stay hidden with lots of tape and sports bras. 🙂


Here’s my practice run of the make-up. I like it but I went to heavy on the black on the eyes. Next one will have more finesse and movement. I’ll also probably get a wig and do this with an airbrush. We’ll see about that last one….
I did find a pep file for his “bone helm”….that sounds dirty…:) I’ll post pictures of that when I start it.
I also may seek some professional seamstress help on this since I HATE sewing pleats.
Boots I’ll make out of wellies. Sword i got a plastic one that i’ll paint and re-do the hilt.

Speaking of sewing, I’m in the market for some dress forms a male and a female, any suggestions would be appreciated!! Then I can post more blogs because my sewing will be more awesome!

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