New Years Costuming Resolutions

You may be asking, “Gee, Jackie hasn’t posted in awhile, did she give up costuming?”
Answer: No I haven’t given up costuming or writing for that matter. I’ll tell you the name of the thing that has keep me from basically everything (including eating and sleeping) for the past month and a half. I goes by TRON.

Before I get into that I would like to talk about my New Years costuming resolutions. Yes I know everyone makes generic ones like “I’m going to lose weight” or “I’m going to be nicer” and they usually end up failing miserably. Well I’m not, because I’m that awesome. For example, I rang in the new year in my Quorra costume dancing on a roof top with Daft Punk’d, beat that! 😀

resolution 1.) Finish Catwoman. I have been putting this off forever. She needs a pvc suit and gloves and new boots, end of story. This will happen.

resolution 2.) Have the Angelus and the Darkness ready and done by Phoenix Comic con 2011. Again this will happen. I can’t let the nice editor at Top Cow you gave me his personal info to send him progress pics think I’m a lier now can I?

Resolution 3.) Have professional photos taken (in the winter) of all of our costumes. I can’t enter into featured blogs or contests because professional picture always look better. I want to build a portfolio and do my work justice!

Resolution 4ish…) Stick to my diet/exercise plan (oh and I won’t fail because I started in November and if I could make it through Christmas I have the will power of…something that has a lot of will power. I also want to take my work to the next level and constantly improve my quality and design which leads me into my next topic…


This will have an entire post dedicated to itself once I get some completed pictures back. Let’s just say so far this is my best work yet!!
Here’s a teaser pic that was taken at TRON party we went to. It was a test run my arms and leg didn’t light up yet and I didn’t put on the boot armor.


Let me know if there’s anything all of you would like to see me make this year. I have some ideas like Pixie and Velocity but would love some suggestions!!
Hope everyone had a great holiday and an even better 2011!

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