So last minute costumes are usually the best and this is no exception.

Garrick and I had a friends’ wedding (thanks and congrats again Sam and Samantha!) to go to on Halloween night and we were going to pull Batman out and I was going to debut my comic Catwoman (blog post to come soon on her, she’s almost done) but it’s hard for Garrick to sit and eat and enjoy himself in Batman and Catwoman wasn’t completely finished so we came up with another idea…
yay last minute ideas!
I decided to replace MJ with Black Cat becasue to be honest, I’ve never really liked MJ all that much and I always though BC was a better fit personality wise. And, let’s face it, they match! The OCD in me can’t pass that up! 😀
Garrick has had a licensed Marvel Black suit Spidey costume lying around since he was going to attempt a venom costume. That never came to fruition so we thought we’d re-purpose it. One Goodwill Armani jacket and some white fabric paint later and we had this!
black cat spiderman
I used my mask, wig, boots, and new green contacts I had for BC and re-purposed my Christmas dance dress from high school… (P90X I have a confession to make… I need you now more than ever. After squeezing that dress on this weekend I want to say I’m sorry I haven’t paid much attention to you. Can we be friends again? Thanks. love Jackie.) Then I bought some opera gloves and put the same white fur around the top of them to give it a little bit more of a traditional BC feel.
Garrick them cut the eyes out of the original mask and I proceeded to cut and style new more comic style lenses out of foamies and the mesh you get out of splash guards. Easy-peasy!
All that’s left to do it paint the 4th pair of “legs” on the suit and take out the center panel on the mask and replace it with one that doesn’t have nose holes punched into it.
Here’s some more pictures of that night:
black cat spiderman
Spidey with Daft Punk
spiderman daft punk
Here’s a Catwoman teaser. I still need to fix the gloves, make a belt buckle, and I think I may just dedicate that suit to Domino and go with 4-way stretch PVC(so shiny!) for Catwoman. This is my FAVORITE version of her and I want it to be perfect! Let me know what you think…
Domino update! I got my contacts and my new wig! After I dedicate a catsuit all her own, she’ll be 100% done. Right now she’s some cabinet liner and well placed seams away from being finished.
domino deadpool