Ah Zatanna…


One of my most favorite costumes, and for many different reasons.
Reason 1. I don’t have to wear pants!! Do you know how exciting that is for people in Arizona?!
Reason 2. It was a very last minute costume that I found 90% of the components for in my closet.
Reason 3. Every time I go to “update” her or replace worn out pieces, they’re always on clearance!!!
This is a huge win in my book!
Yes I realize this is not a black catsuit, but you gotta change it up every once-in-awhile! Besides I did this costume before I had the blog and it just didn’t feel right leaving her out!
So I’m brushing the dust off of her for this exciting thing at City North tomorrow, I can’t say much about it just yet, but I’m dressing to impress!!
So same Zatanna as the one I wore to San Diego Comic Con 2009 (above) but I’m tailoring her a bit more.
I had already nipped and tucked the jacket to fit me like it needed to but now I’m going to adjust the shirt so it’s more lady-like. Just need to take in the sides (love when it’s taking in something and not letting it out…) an inch or so. I also bought some better fitting gloves, new fishnets, and a super cheap pair of black stacked heels so I don’t have to were those dorky boots I wore before. Come to think of it I couldn’t wear them anyway I sold them, well good upgrade regardless! I also borrowed a real beaver-skin hat from the early 1900’s from my friend to complete the look. if I can find a decent looking hat that “pops” (you know what I mean, like a magicians hat) I’ll switch it up, I haven’t found one yet so if anyone has any suggestions feel free!
Not much for this one, just an old wooden dowel that I painted to look like a magic wand.
I’m based the costume off of the Adam Hughes drawing above (surprise) so I decided to go with a smoky eye, some modest fake lashes, and the dark red lipstick, classic. When my contacts come in from over-seas she’ll have deep blue eyes as well.
That about covers it! I’ll post more pictures after tomorrow!

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