micro update!

Ok so I haven’t posted in a while… some things have come up (or haven’t come up, like money…) and some health concerns so… I have been trying to save some green and help G fold some paper to get his War Machine going. We’ve made some good progress so far!

I’ve also been trying to workout a lot. I’ve decided that there are costumes that I want to do that I would feel more comfortable if I were a little lighter and more toned. So P90x here I come!!
Now that I feel like things are falling back into place….

I went out and bought the material for Black Widow. It ended up deciding on two fabrics that I’ll sew together; I think this will give it the dimension I was origionally looking for. One is a black stretch mesh that will be the top layer and the other is charcoal grey spandex that will be the bottom layer. I’ll post pictures when I start sewing today and tomorrow.
My holster came in and it’s perfect! I’m pretty sure that it’s a re-cast of an actual Blackhawk holster and not an airsoft one because Blackhawk is molded into the plastic and they have never made airsoft guns or accessories. Gotta love companies over-seas! The gun I have however does not quite fit, so instead of spending $100 bucks on an airsoft replica I think I can modify the one I have.
I also found a picture of Domino completed from X-men day where my eyes are actually open!!
and one of G
This kid was so cute, he asked G and I to sign one of his comics that had both of us on it, adorable!!
I’ve decided after some researching that I’m going to slightly modify Domino’s suit to give it more visual interest. This means some more seams, some mesh to make it look tactical and possibly some quilting with a non-shiny spandex down the sides. I’m also going to make gloves out of hosiery because I ended up with some hand prints in some questionable spots πŸ˜€
I also need to finish catwoman by halloween…
ok in order of completion!
1. Black Widow
2. Catwoman
3-5. Angelus, Domino, and The Major
(oh yea I decided on a new project!! The Major from Ghost in the Shell! One of the reasons other than the Angelus that I need to kick my butt into shape!)
now all I need is a Tachicoma!

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  1. hi
    sorry random question but i live in the uk and can't find anyone who can make costumes. don't suppose you make costumes for others? was looking for a deadpool costume but done as if he would wear it day-to-day so more like jeans and longsleeve tshirt πŸ˜›

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