Black Widow the beginning…

Ok so I thought I would do an update…

After much convincing and telling myself I should not be lazy I’m going to start on the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) catsuit from Iron Man 2….. FROM SCRATCH!
Oh emm gee!

I hear little seamstress women in china sobbing and lamenting my business!
please don’t make me do this on my own!
I’m still changing the suit color to black (don’t worry I won’t have to change the blog name to “one black catsuit and oh yea, that one navy blue one”, I’m not that ambitious yet!!) but I am going to try and mimic the texture of the movie suit by using this material my friend scrapped when he was building his black suit Spider-man 3 costume.
Here goes nothing!
I have the boots done already
and I have the gloves
(as seen in my Domino pictures)
And I’m working on the gauntlets which are going to be made out of foamies and nerf darts that I’m commandeering from my husband’s Deadpool gun. (they are the perfect size and shape!!)
and I have the patches
I also found a wig I’m pretty happy with that I have yet to order
I ordered an airsoft replica of her Walther PPK holster. My husband had a very similar PPK airsoft laying around the house so all I needed was the holster.
Now onto the belts and the suit!! More updates soon! I’ll post the build threads in clusters because I feel my posts are painfully long…
On to help the mister fold more paper and next post will be a boots and gauntlet build!
(oh and next week I’m going out to y the horns to start my Angelus’s horn sculpt… who’s being productive? Oh that’s right, it’s me!!)

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