Phoenix Comic Con

I’ve gotten most of our pictures back from Phoenix Comic Con so here’s a few of my favorites!

We stayed at the Hyatt right next to the con so we could just suit up and walk over.
We had a great time and met a lot of awesome people. They guys at the Top Cow booth were especially helpful and friendly and hopefully G and I made a friend with one! I’m glad that they and Wildstorm were able to show up this year it helped to give it a bigger con feel with some big name publishing companies. This year was 4 times bigger than last year as far as the amount of people attending, the quality, and the events. Hopefully it will continue to grow and we’ll have an awesome con in our own state!
I still need to work on some new poses, also no prosthetic adhesive in the world can keep anything glued to you in 100+ degree weather… Poor sweaty mask… just thought I’d share the tip!
Now that Black Cat has made her big debut i can move on with some of my other projects in the wings, that’ll be for another post though. Now we just need some professional pictures shot of the 4 of us. I hope to continue to do that for every costume we make because it’s such a great thing to have to build a portfolio. I think I’ve convinced one of our friends to do it, we just need to get together.
(note: guilty pleasure was G dressed up as “vacation Green Ranger” and went down the the Anime Rave in the hotel and did his thing with some green glow sticks every night for about 10 minutes and every night my stomach hurt from laughing so hard…)
Next on the agenda: X-Men day, Black Widow, and Avatar: The Last Airbender

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