Deadpool and Black cat build (mostly deadpool…)

Here’s the (almost) step by step process on how I created my husband’s D.pool costume. As I professed earlier, I love buying plain catsuits off of ebay from the sellers in China. The reason why I love them is because for the price it’s waaaay cheaper than trying to buy the fabric in a fabric store (even at SAS for those of you who are familiar with that) and it get’s to me, in my size (mostly) faster than I could sew it myself. If you’re trying to match a fabric (like so many are trying to do for Iron Man 2 Black Widow suit) this probably isn’t the way to go, but if you’re ok with the material and you need a color matched, they even do that. They also usually throw in a “prize” of some sort kinda like cracker jacks for adults! It’s usually something just as useless as the prizes you find in cracker jacks as well…
We had built a duck tape dummy of my husband weeks before when he thought he was building a venom costume. This came in handy because I could fit the suit to him while he wasn’t home, and if you have an antsy husband like I do, he starts doing other things like fidgeting while your gluing and trying to pin things on painlessly and straight.
Example A:
“X X baby!”
Here’s the costume right out of the mail and on duct-tape-Garrick:
(sorry the camera didn’t like the material that close up)
I then traced the already existing black side pattern and proceeded to make a bigger and more pleasing and Deadpool-like design.
I decided that I wanted to make this version of Deadpool more tactical looking while still keeping the comic feel. I had seen a fan poster someone did for black cat where they put “quilting ” on her suit that resembled the styling of the new x-men movie costumes so I decided to incorporate this into my idead of Deadpool. I was going to base my black cat off of that picture as well but I’ll get into why that didn’t work later…
I had bought a few yards of 4 way stretch “wet lame” or the material that the rest of my catsuits are made out of and pinned this pattern to it and started to cut. After it was all cut out I started to make the hem. Learning from the HOURS it took me to pin this stupid thing onto the dummy, (as seen here):
I found the wonderful adhesive of the textile gods, fabric glue. If you pin the hem in place and then tack the whole piece of fabric onto the suit and then sew it in place it is waaay easier to make sure both sides are even and it’s so much easier to sew in place. As seen here:
Then came time for the quilting. I made a drawing before hand of where I thought the quilting would look the best. I also studied some of the x-men costumes to see how they did their seams and design. If I had to do it again I might have added some red piping down the sides like they did in the movies, but I’m still really happy with it.
I decided the quilting would be down his sides, on his shoulders going down his arms and around the neck to make a bigger collar. I just so happened to have copious amounts of the “wet lame” and this hideous pink felt like material I had used to make a present for a baby shower ( the baby shower present was cute in this but what the hell do you use 3 yards of pink felt for after that?!…a Deadpool costume, why of course!)
I made another pattern of what I was going to cut and cut this out in the lame and the felt. The felt had to be cut smaller than the lame because it had to fit under the hem so you wouldn’t see it on the costume. BTW always practice your ideas on small swatches of fabric before you start the project. Let me tell you, my sewing machine DOES NOT like spandex or anything stretchy. It takes many kinds words, flowers, and a few nights out on the town to coax it into doing what I want it to.
After I knew that would work I started the all of the quilting pieces. I then took a ruler and a sharpie and measured even sections and guidelines for me to follow when I was sewing. Quilting has to be straight, if it’s not, especially made out of something so shiny as thins, it will ruin the entire look.
Finished side panel:
I then repeated this process of making a new pattern and constructing the rest of the quilted pieces.
Oh man!!! I don’t think I have a picture of it! but I hemmed his gloves and put little Deadpool insignia buttons on the cuffs of his costume. I’ll have to take one later, this was my favorite part of the costume! It’s the little details right? I made them out of buttons that I painted and then attached with white string so the stitches would be the eyes. Here’s the picture I based it off of:
I also made him a muscle suit that I got the idea off our friend Todd. I also used the ugly as sin pink material for this and some quilters batting. If anyone wants to see pictures of this, email me, I’ll be taking some soon because I have to re-do the pants. I think that this type of muscle suit helps when doing comic-style costumes because it adds enough bulk to make it look good but it’s not that crazy muscles-about-to-suffer-an-aneurism look.

Here’s the final product at FCBD. A big thanks to Diane and David for hanging around all day and taking awesome pictures of us, thanks so much!!

Garrick ( Knowone251))
is going to post a build thread soon about how he made the mask, belt, and acessories on
I think I’ll hold off on the Black cat build until I get more pictures back from FCBD… I don’t have any of the belt and I need to find some where I don’t look like I’m about to seduce my friend Becky…
Got to start getting my face to not make dorky expressions in costume…or at least in costume on film πŸ˜€
Here’s list of ingredients that went into it though
-latex mask from xtremedesignfx (good work guys!)
-black catsuit (surprise!)
-white wig
-white faux fur
-tall boots
-batman’s grappling hook
-utility belt

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  1. Where did you get the first part of the costume from ? you said its straight out of the mail and onto the duck tape model.

  2. I get most of my solid colored catsuits from specific sellers on ebay or from I can sew one from scratch but it would cost me more in materials and time to do so. If at all possible I go this route first. I also like working this way, it helps me to visualize the completed project and get a better plan of action in place before I start. πŸ™‚

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