FCBD 2010

My first post, how exciting. So we just finished Free comic Book Day 2010 at Hero Comics so once a get a few more pictures back I can post a build thread. A big thanks to Todd and Corey at Hero comics for letting us come back to do FCBD for a second year, it’s always a great time and a good way to get a feel for how our costumes are going to go over. Thanks guys!!

We were originally going to do a spider-man group, Todd C. as black suit Spider-man, Garrick as Venom, and myself as Black Cat…that didn’t end up happening. Let’s see, it was a month before and G and I hadn’t started on anything (I only had the fur for BC!!)so, while I was reading some Deadpool comics, I thought that Garrick would have way more fun being D.Pool and we would be able to make a really good-looking suit in that short amount of time.
So we rushed to ebay, bought the generic catsuits (this is a time and life-saver btw. Bless you seamstresses in China who always send my suits balled into tiny envelopes sent through the world’s various postal systems in a week only to arrive at my door delivered by my cantankerous mail lady who continuously has something snarky to say about my husband’s super hero pajama pants I always seem to be wearing when I open the door with waiting arms for my um-teenth black catsuit only to slam the door in her suspicious face,after signing for it of cousre, run up the stairs to try on my blank canvas of a suit and start to map out the possibilities.) When I post the build thread a will continue my profession of love for these pre-made beauties and the actual functionality and flexibility they provide.
This is not to say that we actually got our stuff done on time.Oh no. We were still gluing, stitching, cutting, and fitting our suits an hour before we had to be there…we like to live life on the edge! Or I like to take lots of nap breaks…

Deadpool ended up being perfect for Garrick because he could trade handing kids batarangs for poses and throwing in the “stay in school” one liners he used as Batman to hanging kids a (hollowed out non- functional)grenade with a deadpool smiley face on it to pose with and telling them to “remember school is for suckers.” Needless to say he was good at it he had a blast. I hope We get a picture back of his handing one little kid the smiley grenade and then walking away plugging his ears, it was hysterical.

It was a lot of fun and quite successful (especially since I had to suit up, put a wig on straight, tape myself into the fickle, stretchy mistress that is low cut black catsuit, all in a mirror-less crowded store room!) Plus we only sent a few terrified children screaming back to their parent this time… that’s a good day in my book.

We also met a really nice couple who dressed as Captain America and Black Widow, they’re in one of the preview pics, hope to possible do some stuff in the future with them!


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